It’s so irrational how some people seem to think that they’re ‘it’ and everyone is expected to bow down to them whenever they walk past, which is completely impractical and stupid. They’re not the king or queen of anything, and they’re not entitled to everything they want. People like this aren’t going to get anywhere in life if they keep acting like spoilt brats. But these people can’t entirely be blamed for being the way they are, and their parents are the ones who should be at fault for bringing their children up in such a way. These people may have had their reasons for doing so, like not being properly educated and not being aware of the correct techniques and ways to raise a child to make them go down the correct path.

True enough, raising a child isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, but with the proper assistance and guidance, it shouldn’t be a hassle. The way someone is brought up will definitely say a lot about their personality and character in general, especially in the way they behave. They will know the difference between what is right and wrong, and their limits as well. Parents have to instill all their good qualities into their children’s minds and make sure that they have a good conscience, too. Who knows, they could aspire to be an artist, doctor or even a lawyer, the future is a very unpredictable place so nobody can say anything for sure. Most people hope that their children are witty and know what they’re doing, how to handle themselves in certain situations.

But of course life isn’t exactly like that, and nothing will happen exactly how a person will want it to. So it’s better to hope and pray that nothing goes wrong with your child and that they succeed in life, that’s it. What’s worse is having the highest of expectations and then having them crushed to the ground, and feeling so dejected. On a more positive note, the way things are done have changed and most people do things their own way instead of listening to what others have to say. The current generations are very independent and are brainy, and are capable of anything they wish to do, like inventing virtual reality glasses.

It’s quite an experience, and google cardboard in Australia is Google’s own version of it, which is affordable. If this is what people have come up with so far, then there’s plenty of time to see what else people are capable of inventing soon enough.